DESERT COMPASS(Lazer-Gun Phoenix)



Friday 21st April 2017 see’s the worldwide I-Tunes download release of the first mini-album from Doncaster based Avant-Garde/Electronica collective EMPTY SUN.

The e.p. released on IN AT THE EYE RECORDS, see’s the mainstay of the collective James Phaily (Doncaster) and Graeme Rowland (Berlin) along with the help of the e.p.’s producer and Managing Director of Jase Burns(Doncaster) melding together an eclectic mix of drone, cyberpunk, industrial, shoegaze, kraut-rock and avant-garde poetry to form an occult/science-fiction epic.

empty sun gigFINAL

The e.p. DESERT COMPASS (Lazer-Gun Phoenix) is an experiment in “process” which began many years ago with Graeme and James jamming with each other and making a selection of Four-Track recordings under the name SUNDOWNER.

With James’ Fine Art and performance/spoken word background he created a series of cut-up poems based upon the occult mythopoeia of his familiar self. Graeme then read these and created a series of Ambient/Drone recordings based on his collective musical inspirations and creativity. Graeme’s response was largely based upon the immediacy of the equipment he could get his hands on in Berlin.

Once Graeme’s recordings were sent from Berlin and downloaded, James edited them into six very basic tracks and jammed them out tentatively before taking them to Supanova Studios in Armthorpe/Doncaster.

At Supanova Studios between August 2016 and January 2017, James and Jase worked on the tracks, skilfully layering vocals and a cornucopia of sounds, to transform the bare bones of the spoken-word and the drone triumphant into a concept mini-album that I’m sure you will agree is “entirely something else.”

The album is available through a worldwide download on I-Tunes from the 21st April 2017 and is marked by a celebratory gig at Supanova Studios/Doncaster on the evening of the e.p’s release.






~ by EMPTY SUN on April 17, 2017.

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