Nomad Lady/trippin’ through the desert of a backwater planet: U.V. Goggles and great leap of faith, because everyone deserves their Forty-Days in the Wilderness…She took a chink of thirst-quenching water from her side-saddle and carried on, trekkin’ o’er the Dune, unto the otherside…
She gazed miraculously with disbelief at the sight that awaited her: A gigantic, arachnean wreck of a Star-Killer whose New Wyrd craftsmanship was nothing if not incredulous. The fact that such savage weaponry could actually be seen through her own eyes–blinking mnemonic the Desert-Lady checked her head and slid down the backside of the dune, standing in the thrall of her incredulous discovery…
The spacecraft was vast, and as she kicked the sand-up: trekkin’/skull-fuckin,’ her boot hit something hard like a stone–Desert Nomad/Lady Stardust looked down at the glowing mauve/somewhat akin to an obsidian stone shimmering in reflective patterns from the Sun…She picked up the amulet, buried in the sand, staring at the ornate detail of its otherworldliness.
Desert-Lady/in all the systems studied in the Holo-Library of her sietch, she had never seen an object so empowered and alive–it neatly pulsed in her hand as she entwined the amulet around her fingers…It seemed to convoke to her, answering within body, within soul…
Desert-She received a psychic signal from the amulet and neatly placed the biotech/eskimo-chain around her neck: the whole charmed object glowed ultra-violent around her neck. The power-zone of its faceted–otherworldly dream-stone pulsed in time with her heartbeat; upon the foundations of its arachnean mount, just below the curve of her neck.
The pulse seemed now to be connected to her whole being, energy flowing through her chakra’s–the long projection of the pan-dimensional connection opening her third eye as she transformed her flesh into spirit. Becoming entirely something else…No longer human, her life-force echoed in rose-tinted daisy-chains o’er the unknown megalithic astral trees of trans-plutonian life.
Through these carnage vizors she saw undiscovered country/ galaxies, systems and cosmos through the new gold dawn of her obsidian eyes–Staring into pools of worlds, undiscovered by the peoples of her backwater planet…She at last was becoming the total sum of otherness, an entity/a creature unknown to the day-to-day struggle of her past existence…and the inferno of normality that was humanity.
Telescopically/binaurally–and into the Now…The wreckage of the Spacecraft spoke to her imparting knowledge, magickal omens and the dark portents of its workings and capabilities…It spoke to her in honesty, humility and frank friendship/a biomechanical entity explaining in esoteric codices and opening the ways betwixt herself and the void beyond…

The Desert of Set: Nomad Lady answered the Call, felt the connection between herself, the amulet, her new Star-Ship and the unknown…For one moment everything seemed aaoratically connected: she walked, sensing her new self and sensorium, deep within the occult extra-terrestrial connections of her new transformation.
The Craft, though damaged was still beating with the drumming, pulsing heartbeat that shone, symbiont within herself –Like the invocation of a wizened god: a hatched, creaking door in the base of the hull opened, as the battle-drums of her intuition led her up the dark serpentine that made up the gangway and into the awaiting Star.
…Once aboard, Scarlett adjusted her carnage vizors to the darkness, the aperture of her eyes to the cold, dark, vacuity of the craft. Slowly…The awaiting magnetic fields connecting telepathically to the layers of armoury: running, scopin,’skull-fuckin’ through the connectivity of her heartwork/Amulet and Xyber-tronix.
As She walked around the Star-Ship…’twas like a pre-cognitive deja-vu…Scarlett seemed to naturally know and appreciate every aspect of the Craft: the psychic link between herself and the otherworldly entity that had split through a crack betwixt the worlds/the corridor in Time and relative dimensions in Space gifted Her-Self with so much unearthly knowledge, freedom, pleasure and power…
She had been transported pan-dimensionally within slayerologies of unsurmountable significance. The Desert-Lady felt “brand-new”: reborn, sensing the Star behind the Sun, behind our Son, from whence the Star-Ship had come from…As She felt newly rejuvenated…The alienist contained in the talisman, neatly pumping trans-plutonic energies through her heartbeat, intoxicating her whole body with the higher purpose of a Time Traveller.
If it wasn’t for her humility, Scarlett/for that was her human name to which she still responded–could have become quite drunk with the power of her assimilation and the wisdom of the energies of the Ancient Race which now coursed relentlessly through her willowy figure…
Thankfully the sheer heaviness of the things that occurred To-day kept her grounded. The faveolated soul of her true self, her rationality, the realization that she was still on her home planet i.e. Earth and gifted with a way out/thought to herself, “this is not how I thought today would turn out.” The extra-terrestrial entity, her daimon complied within her-self and sayeth to her body considered as a whole, “You have been chosen–Again”…



~ by EMPTY SUN on June 14, 2018.

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