A distinctive Psychonaut arose to shards of seismic stranger-hood. It begets the eternal seam of silent memory. We journey there, powered by thought. Our sietch protects the rainbow of surreality. Curling ouroboros; wrapped around time. The silently torn images and signs in the street are achieved through not just knowledge, but understanding. Sacred visions now returned to our tribe through a powerful initiation.
The Magus stood a fiery one. Arms utilizing psychic antennae, he embraces the dark-side of the tome. Deep within the inter-dimensionalities of the Artist everything stays the same. For one moment; radiations of stardust sweep through the feathery loop of the nine worlds and arise upon the new golden dawn.
The Chaosphere is the paradigm of life; though none can follow upon the mountain. The temple of the agitant is that which is of our heathen. They have evolved upon psychic wings within representations of supreme bliss. The posture placed as I slight return: travelling without moving, folding through time and space. The relentless becoming; guided by the blazing watchtowers which light our way.
I am threading the yarn through the imprint upon the lens of unrectified night. Together we attune our divinations upon the mostly high communication of silence. We are the brightest backbreaking countenance straddling the Saturnalia. The Void drove the wheel. For the gift of life is a gift of love to the down-lode. I resurge through the essence deep within the infernal thousand feathery eyes.
Towards the arisen phosphorescent worlds, is one’s self “inwardly-pointed,” going back by the Eskimo-chain. The operation is complete with lugubrious possibilities for this cup is served towards you.
Looking upon the opened out Gehenna; transcending through happiness is the slipstream outside the circles. The gilded lemniscuses of an eternal seam catch the emptiness from the mountains of our soul. Upon the apparatus of those honoured amongst ancient lore. Darkly poised, the coming forth of the walled-in suspiration of night took a moment to compose the galaxies of within. My allegiance was shaken to the core; as the winter sun burnt through his-self in oraculations of a wyrding witch-blood countenance.


Revelations from the flaming shroud are armed only with the desert compass. Thought attack opened his third eye and the stoned steppin’ skull was not the monotheistic god-fodder. She answered the call of blackening sub-bass through the transmission aided by illuminations. It eclipses the void within this tome.
Oaths and omens; ineffable rainbows through which we see through the windows of our soul. Gathering to this our transformative infinities of surreality. Expansive omniprescient guided electrostatic devil beyond. Without is the chaos which cloaked the abyss. I strapped on my time-belt and hit the street; chuggin’ moon…Victorious had come to fast and furiously warrior. Burning within and laid waste to the naysayers.

We hit the wheel; opening and spinning ideas of self. For thread through the tangled mind; accomplished fires of our own true nature are a binary temple. The napalm aftermath past the blissful more we change the colours to the path-direct. Leafing through heathen and earth; we find ourselves upon the mountain and are all at once psychological. “Looking-inwardly,” eyes from behind the worlds. Winding behemoth through woven webs; scoping, juggling the body considered as a whole. She shook beside the skies bluest to come once in my life through the cosmic vigil. For the Saturnalia; together we onslaught, perambulate as Shiva digging the worlds of the unconscious mind. Our purpose is to ride the behemoth of our chiefly circles.
They know the nebula is torn from the seeing. Inwardly eyes-wide online. Through a sleep that is skies screaming through waves of dreamtime; to shine through, around and within transmissions beyond the horizon. She adorned herself within the battle. The heights of our inter-dimensionality are our wyrding burning watcher. This constitutes the hair-through another decade. Weaving traces knead-deep within the hermetic light.
Psychonaut is the Yggdrasil heart of making ziggurats and melting backwards into this tome. It is accomplished through a life based upon reason. Know sanctum and the terrible soul sacrifice. Our own arcana, is the prescience of an undead panic. Even wild Medusa’s beyond the posture process the perambulation inwardly upon all the planes at once.
For the trees are people too. Now flowers ecstatic self-love upon the other-side. Out upon the deadly-dark awakening and holding still, winged and wintery. Tree decomposing this mythopoeic narrative offers guidance with due excitation. Unto the Ground-Zero and build another one.
Shines left-eye through the desert-light of our Sun and furnished through a persistent elsewhere. It is all thought out by our understanding. Towards the cracks betwixt the worlds; cannot banish the nothingness through Time and Space. A flame which burns the fiery aeon beneath the weaponry; refracted through the golden-mean called myself.



~ by EMPTY SUN on October 8, 2018.

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